"Entrepreneur Held Hostage"

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ever feel like you're held hostage by the business you've started up? I certainly do. My friend Shrage pointed me to some pretty powerful videos on youtube that talk about this very topic. Eben Pagan founded a training program for entrepreneurs called Altitude Training Program.

Watch the videos on youtube

Failing hurts!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I have a problem with saying no to anyone, especially when it's for a good cause. I was recently asked to help design the look/feel for a website for an organization that will be putting on a business conference in SLC next month. I was excited to help where I could and knew that there wouldn't be a normal payment involved (we were going to work out a deal where I'd get some sponsorship - i.e. put my logo, etc. there at the show. I couldn't resist and agreed to help them out, even though I was fearful of the tight deadline they put on it.

As I started to work on this project, other deadlines for current customers were constantly popping up (go figure). And of course, as this occurred I was forced to put the website design project down the line on my task list. Making everyone happy is nearly impossible, but I always try my best.

I ended up failing. I failed to give the client what he was looking for and I failed at communicating my overloaded schedule with them so they'd understand why I couldn't do it as quickly as I thought I would. But it doesn't matter that I was going to do it for next to nothing. And it doesn't matter that the reason I couldn't was because I've got a lot of other pressing deadlines on my plate. I told him I would do it in the first place and I ended up failing.

Failing hurts. It hurts not just me but the client. I'm reluctant to even mention this on the blog, but I do it hoping that you will learn from my experience. I'm a bit of a perfectionist on many levels, so it hurts badly to have failed in a few areas at the same time. But I can't afford to wallow in despair about it. I must stand back up, dust off my clothing and keep on running. And now I'm more determined than ever to be more realistic with my answers (both "yes" and "no") when asked to work on something. I'm determined to do what ever it takes to come through when I commit to do something for someone, whether it be pro bono, paid or trade.

New episode available!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Just in case you missed the email or didn't see it on the home page, I've got a new episode available - Entrepreneur Spotlight: Taylor Shupe of Isis Dei.

Check it out... definitely worth 10 minutes of your time.

Predicting the future

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

- Alan Kay

Business growing pains

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I've really been feeling some growing pains with Zoom Agent lately. I've never grown a bonsai tree before but know people that have and it sounds like there's a lot of care involved. Well, it's not much different than growing a business... it requires a lot of patience and care.

I've been working a lot to build up my client base and I'm getting to the point where I need to start either outsourcing some of it or hire some people in-house. There's only so much one person can do! And so I'm starting to build a team of freelancers (writers, designers, developers, etc.). If you know of anyone that would be interested in working with me on various branding projects (websites, print design, etc.), please have them send an email to andrew@zoomagent.com.