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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

magic hat
Have you ever had an experience where at the end you said, "how do they do that?!" - maybe it was an incredible desert from a restaurant, or a creative sculpture. Maybe it was an elaborate home theater you've seen in a magazine or a birthday cake with frosting that looks like dinosaurs. What ever it was, I'd like for you to think about that experience...

The "how did they do that" is the very product magicians offer to their crowds. Sure, they offer entertainment, but I'm talking more specifically here. People watch them and expect to feel amazed. Most businesses, on the other hand, are not offering the same product. Although you could argue some businesses don't need to think this way, I would suggest that more of us should. We should think more like magicians about our service or product. And for businesses that offer products that are more of a commodity, think of how you can make the experience itself magical.

As business owners, we should be creating products, services, etc. for our customers that leaves them thinking, "how did they do that?!"


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