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Friday, October 19, 2007

For those of you wondering about working at your desk on an exercise ball, here's my candid feedback:

- my lower back and the back of my legs feel much better after sitting on it for several weeks (felt a difference in the first week)
- the height (at least to my desk) is about the same as a normal chair
- I'm more likely to use my core (i.e. abs and back) more than I would if I were sitting
- makes me think of how funny it was when Jim stabbed Dwight's exercise ball in one of the episodes from The Office
- there's much less temptation to fall rest at my desk, however sitting on it doesn't
- I mentally feel a little less lazy compared to sitting on a normal chair all day
- it's a lot less expensive than an office chair

- can't swivel like a normal chair when someone comes in my office
- I usually have to wear shoes or slippers to keep from slipping
- sometimes I'll look over at my leather couch and want to sit on that (I do when I have longer phone calls)
- it's a ball, so clearly it's not as comfortable as a good chair or couch would be


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