Serial Entrepreneur

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I know a guy that's a serial entrepreneur. Actually, I know a couple of these guys and they're quite remarkable. Why? Because they refined their balance skills to such a point that they can actually launch several successful companies at the same time, while maintaining balance with their families. I keep an eye on this type of entrepreneur for a specific reason - because I know I'll be doing the same thing and I try and learn from these guys so I can find balance in life when trying to launch more than one company at the same time.

With my last day of employment coming up just tomorrow, I'm stoked about being able to focus on my business (businesses, actually). I've got three different businesses that I'm working on right out of the gates and they're all related to one another, which makes it even more exciting.

Well, my friends, I know I haven't been able to post episodes of my video podcast nearly as fast as I'd like to, but I have lots of footage so stay tuned for some really good ones coming up!

Full speed ahead!


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